Do not kill her

Do you know Zayd bin Amr bin Nufayl?

In the days before the advent of Islam, Arabia had become a corrupt environment, steeped in idolatry and injustice. There were still a few solitary individuals who adhered to the true faith established centuries ago in Arabia by Abraham and Ismael (peace be upon them both). One of them was Zayd bin Amr bin Nufayl. He would never offer sacrifices to idols or eat carrion and running blood. He used to save the lives of newborn girls destined to be buried alive. He would say to a man who wanted to kill his daughter: “Do not kill her. I will support her.” He would then take her. After she grew up, he would say to her father: “If you wish, I will return her to you, or if you wish I will continue to support her on your behalf.” [refer to Sahih Al-Bukhari 4/232-233]

He lived before Islam, that’s why he was not numbered in the history books among the Prophet’s Companions. However, his son Sa’id bin Zayd was one of the most illustrious among them and was one of the ten Companions who were given the glad tidings of Paradise while they were still alive.


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