Man enough

The way I describe my MAN…

He might not be highly-educated … but he is a principled man with refined manners.

He might not possess a lot of religious knowledge … but he is far better (in acting upon it) than the learned ones.

He might not have read many books … but he is well-informed about history and current affairs.

He might not skip a day watching ‘news’ and ‘sports’ … but he has no vices, just sipping his tea after sunset prayer and eating a little bit of the ‘sweets’ I make.

He might not be a company owner … but he is a committed worker and a cooperative colleague.

He might not have many friends … but he is loyal and helpful and doesn’t betray

He might not be someone to look up to … but he is someone who can be anyone — an electrician, a plumber, a cobbler, a cleaner, a driver, a car mechanic, a technician, a repairman…

He might not be the handsomest … but in my eyes he is ‘Mr. Universe.’

He might not have a six-pack abs and bulging biceps … but he protects the family and not a coward.

He might not be rich … but he strives hard to provide for the family.

He might not be a dedicated son … but he is dutiful and supportive to his parents (family).

He might not be an excellent husband … but he is a one-woman man and not a woman-chaser.

He might not be a wonderful father … but he cares for his children and worries for their future.

He might be lacking in many ways … but I am standing by him to complement him and to complete my Deen (religion).

He is a man enough… that’s my man!


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