The bitter reality

I was born a Christian, so I was brought up from it and through it and I loved it no matter what.

To change from one religion to another is not an easy undertaking. For anyone to become a Muslim, it needs time because becoming one without much thought for me is not real. The feeling of hypocrisy is there. I had gone to two Islamic countries but I came to know about Islam only in the third Islamic country where I am currently working. Somebody explained to me about the big difference between Islam and Christianity. I studied further by reading books and listening to cassettes. I was slowly grasping the bitter reality that I am tracking down the wrong path. My longing to be with my family due to my long absence encouraged me see what this religion has in store for me. Maybe I can fill the emptiness in my heart and be contented with my situation.

So grateful to Allah for His guidance and I pray that my family will also receive this greatest gift.


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