Idris, grandfather of Nuh

STORIES OF THE PROPHETS (قـصـص الأنـبـيــاء)

Prophet Idris (إدريس)
(Aleyhis Salam – peace be upon him)

Who was he?

  • His English name was either Enoch or Khunoch
  • Born while Adam was still to live 380 years
  • Grandfather of Prophet Nuh

The first man

  • To be sent as a Prophet after Adam and Seth
  • To write with a pen
  • To wear a stitched clothing
  • To think about astronomy (study of heavenly bodies) علم الفلك

Was he a prophet?

  • Allah revealed to him 30 Scriptures. “I would raise for you every day the same amount of the deeds as of all Adam’s children.” (perhaps in his time only)
  • “And mention in the Book Idris, he was a truthful prophet. And We raised him high in the heaven.” [Maryam 19:56-57]

Idris wanted to increase his deeds and devotion

  • His angel friend visited him and Idris asked him to talk to the angel of death not to take his soul yet because he wants to increase his deeds.
  • His angel friend carried him on his wings up to the heaven till they reached the 4th
  • They met the angel of death there, who was descending down to the earth.
  • His angel friend spoke to the angel of death about Idris.
  • The angel of death asked: “But where is Idris?”
  • His angel friend said: “He is upon my back.”
  • The angel of death said: “How astonishing! I was told to seize his soul in the 4th I kept thinking how I could seize it in the 4th when he was on the earth?”
  • Then he took his soul there out of his body, and that is what is meant by the verse: “… and We raise him high in the heaven.”
  • He lived for 83 years

[Source: Stories of the Prophets/Darussalam]

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