Muqallibal Qulub

MUQALLIBAL QULUB (مقلب القلوب) Turner of the Hearts
MUSARRIFAL QULUB (مصرف القلوب) Turner of the Hearts

The verb QALLABA points to constant moving upside down, turning around and about. The noun QULUB is the plural of QALB  meaning the heart, which is constantly changing. MUQALLIBAL QULUB is the One who turns sincere people from unbelief to belief by placing faith in their hearts and who turns the hearts of insincere people in a way that they can never understand the truth.

MUSARRIF comes from the triliteral root ṣād rā fā (ص ر ف) which means: to divert, to explain, to avert, to diversify, to distribute, to turn away, to direct.

The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “Unquestionably, in the body there is a lump of flesh; if it is sound, the whole body is sound,and if it is corrupt, the whole body is corrupt, and behold, it is the heart.” [Bukhari and Muslim]. Guidance belongs to Allah alone because He knows the real state of the heart. He has the power to flip the heart of anyone any time, and no one can change a heart that He has covered.

  • We will overturn their hearts and sight, just as when they did not believe in it at first, and We will abandon them to wander blindly in their excessive insolence. [Al-An’am 6:110]
  • Who could do greater wrong than someone who is reminded of the Signs of his Lord and then turns away from them, forgetting all that he has done before? We have placed covers on their hearts, preventing them from understanding it, and heaviness in their ears. Though you call them to guidance, they will nonetheless never be guided. [Al-Kahf 18:57]
  • The only statement of the [true] believers when they are called to Allah and His Messenger to judge between them is that they say, “We hear and we obey.” And those are the successful.[An-Nur 24:51]
  • “Our Lord, let not our hearts deviate after You have guided us and grant us from Yourself mercy. Indeed, You are the Bestower.” [Ali Imran 3:8]


  • Ummu Salamah (Radiyallahu Anha – may Allah be pleased with her), the mother of the believers, the wife of the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ), when she was asked: “What was the common Dua (supplication) the Prophet (ﷺ) has ever said?” She said: “Yes, the most common Dua I have ever heard the Prophet made was: “YA MUQALLIBAL QULUB, THABBIT QALBI ‘ALA DINIK” – O Turner of the hearts, make my heart steadfast upon Your Religion.” [Muslim]
  • The Prophet (ﷺ) said: “Verily, the hearts of all the sons of Adam are between the Two Fingers out of the fingers of the Compassionate Lord as one heart. He turns that to any (direction) He likes.” Then he said: “ALLAHUMMA MUSARRIFAL QULUB SARRIF QULUBANA ‘ALA TA’ATIK” – O Allah, Director of the hearts, direct our hearts to Your obedience. [Muslim]


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