Al-Akhlaq Fil-Islam Wal-Muharramat
الأخلاق في الإسلام والمحرمات



All credits to IPC-Kuwait, special our teacher, for providing this special course to the Du’at (preachers of Islam). I transcribed it from a number of radio cassettes, while working with them. Added were my own notes and research.


This course aims to find the best way to give these information to the revert Muslim in a whole package to guide her so that she can go on with her new life. This information will take her from there (her old life as a Christian or whatever religion she left) to here (her new life as a Muslim). She needs to know what are her rights, what she has to learn, what she has to do, what is Halal and Haram, etc. She will not be left alone and confused, wondering what to do. Islam is not just a religion but a practice, a complete code of life that it did not leave anything unturned, everything is clear.

Whenever morals are talked about, it is always connected with the Halal (allowed) and Haram (forbidden) things. Morality is connected with one’s relationship with Allah ﷻ, with one self and with others.

As a revert Muslim, your first relation is between you and Almighty Allah, then with yourself, and the third between you and the others – parents, children, neighbors, relatives and the rest of society. All of these are always associated with Halal (allowed) and Haram (forbidden) plus Akhlaq (morals).


Allah Yourself Others
Faith Money Parents
Acts of Worship Food Children
Articles of Faith Drinks Spouse
Patience Shelter Relatives
Repentance Clothing Neighbors
Entertainment Friends
 Cleanliness Society

Be a good Muslim. Remind yourself before reminding others. Whatever comes from a pure heart will only reach out another heart. Introduce Islam through your behavior. Do things yourself to be able to do things to others. It is a duty and a responsibility to show Islam to them by keeping your relationship with Allah ﷻ, with everyone and with yourself.

Praise be to Allah for His Guidance. Praise be to Allah for His Islam.