A trial is a sign

المشاكل بدأت بعد ما أصبح مسلما

Since I became a Muslim, bad things started to happen. I lost my husband, I lost my job, my house was flooded, and my children are not talking to, and so on and so forth. So she lost many things, financial problems, and emotional problems, family relationship became sour. Things are really been bad.

So you say: “Why now those things are happening to me that I became a Muslim?” It is because when Allah ﷻ loves you, He chose you to be guided to His Straight Path. That is a virtue from Allah ﷻ that He put guidance in your heart. A trial is a way of connecting with Allah ﷻ. It is a phone call from Him to keep in touch with you. He wants to give you more credit and He wants also to test you how much you really love and believe Him. He wants to test the strength of your faith, so He will give you a trial a little harder. Trials are the measures of our strength. Allah ﷻ will not give you more than what you can bear. The harder the trial is, the deeper the faith. The bigger the ordeal is, the more reward one can get. The harder the trial is, the more you are loved by Allah ﷻ.

Can you keep up with the hardships that are going on in your life? If you cannot, then that’s it, goodbye Islam, meaning your faith is just a skin-deep. But if you can keep it up, it means that your faith is deeply-rooted down under.

Sometimes, trials come to get you ready for something bigger coming your way. If you are a trainer to newcomers, you know who has the potentials among them. You will choose him for that position so you will put him under pressure to see if he is capable enough. Allah is preparing you for something bigger for others not only for yourself. You need to have experience to make you a better worker and to have more effect to others. Sometimes, trials will change your whole life, as in the story of Prophet Yusuf (peace be upon him). From one trial to another and each trial is for his own good. He was thrown in the well but somebody took him. He was sold as a slave, but what happened? He lived in the royal house. He was imprisoned after her foster mother’s seduction, but what happened? He eventually became one of the most influential people in Egypt. A trial is a sign that something better will happen after that.

Allah ﷻ will send one trial after another trial so you would walk on earth so clean. Sometimes we commit sins that we are not aware of; those are the most that we are scared because the sins that we commit knowingly, we turn to Allah ﷻ and ask for His forgiveness.


Now that she knows the rules and respects them. She will see that all the basic rules make sense. Then she is ready to do the application to herself in an easy way, because she cannot do something if she is not convinced. She is not a child but a matured person. A person who has lived for a long time in a certain way and with certain beliefs is difficult to change. So to change those ways and beliefs, you need to have the right techniques in doing it. In giving her the Halal and Haram, emphasize on the mercy of Allah ﷻ. Talking about Halal and Haram is a heavy subject but simplify it to her so she can digest it.