Finding God

Reverts talking about their questions and doubts…

  • I did things in which I thought it would make me happy and satisfy my life, regardless of whatever the cause. I followed my own desire, this is my life. Whatever will be will be. I am a happy go lucky girl then, thinking that there is nothing wrong. I never accepted mistakes because I should live the way I want, either good or bad. I will die anyway, so why not enjoy and be happy while still alive. This was my principle before. Difficulties came but I blamed my God for allowing these to happen; I turned my back on Him. I have to go on with my life. I stood up again, continued my studies and worked day and night to earn money. Where am I going? What kind of belief I have? I am searching for the answers but I am somewhat lost. It seems there is something missing in my life but I cannot describe it. In my day-to-day life, I observed the life of people here (Islamic country). I saw the contentment in their faces, I saw their unity. I realized that this is what life is all about. I wanted to be a part of them, to know everything about the religion, about Allah… God showed me the way how to find Him through a good friend who gradually taught me the concepts of Islam. I found all the answers to the questions which had been hovering my mind ever since. The emptiness of my life before was already filled by finding who really God is. I trust Him that what I am doing and what I am living for is for Him. I accepted that whatever difficulties and trials I encountered is just a part of this life. I embraced Islam without any confusion and absolutely believed that Islam is the true religion.
  • As a Christian, I do whatever I want, there is no problem. I drink whatever I want, dress the way I like, eat any kind of food, pray any time of the day. I do my obligations as a Christian…I go to church, attend seminars and retreats, and join activities related to church. One thing I do not want to do is confessing my sins to the priest. I am against it because how can I tell my sins to the same sinner like me? Somebody explained to me about Islam. And I kept reflecting about it. If I have to face the fact, observe everything that surrounds me, I will come up to the conclusion that there is only one Creator. So what I am waiting for? I embraced Islam not for any other reason but because all my questions and doubts were answered. I found the truth.
  • As a Christian, it was not clear to me what Christianity is. I entered a number of religions but none of them convinced me. I had many questions that were left unanswered but I believed that there is only one God who created the heavens and the earth. I am not a churchgoer. I even don’t pray, I only pray when it is needed, those were the times when I am in difficulty. I know all along that what I was doing was very bad. I thought about the Creator and I fear Him. I am scared of my ending in the Hereafter. I wanted to renew my life.

We are Muslims all along

My twins were about six years old when the older one beat a child. So I told him to go say “sorry” to the statue of Sto. Nino because his hand beat somebody. He did not listen at first, so I told him again to go. “No, it’s not god,” he replied in a low voice. “What?” I was surprised but laughed secretly, pretended I am serious. Yes, my son was right, that statue is not god. My twin boys don’t want to eat pork even the finely-minced one. They will pretend to be eating but they will spit it out under their plate whenever I am not looking. I asked them, “Are you Muslims?”

We are actually (subconsciously) living as Muslims.

More than any wealth

Reverts talking about finding Islam as the real wealth…

  • I was at the edge many times but my inner voice keeps telling me the same thing: “That is only a trial from God [the God that I know who is up there].” I did really experienced sleeping in the streets with an empty stomach. I blamed God. What have I done? Why all these hardships? Again, my inner voice is saying: “You can make it. Do not be angry to The One above. He will not give you more than what you can bear. Why don’t you try to look for Him? And if you find Him, only then your life will be peaceful.”  I entered the fold of Islam with tears full of happiness. At that very moment, I got the strength to confront any difficulties. I can feel that I am very close to Him. I am not wealthy in material things but the faith I have discovered is more than any wealth. Islam is everything to me. There is no doubt that Islam is the true religion.
  • As human, it is but natural to envy others when I see them having more in material things. Satan is like that, he sees even the tiniest opportunity to weaken one’s faith. But Alhamdulillah! I can say I am gifted more. My daughter became a Muslim. I can say that I am rich because Allah showed me and my daughter the Right Path. To save someone from Hell is far more valuable than the whole wealth of the earth.

Not that religious

I never imagined of becoming a Muslim. I am not that religious even as a Christian.

I encountered a serious problem. I was so confused, I don’t know what to do and I don’t know where to go. I needed a peace of mind. As a Christian, I believed that there is only one God who created everything. I met Muslims but I don’t have any idea about Islam and I didn’t even hear the word ‘Islam.’ I asked guidance from Him and soon He answered me and I decided to be a Muslim.

At work, I had gone through many trials since I am the only one who reverted to Islam. My friends asked me why I changed my religion. What a shock hearing from them this question “Did you receive money for becoming a Muslim?” My head nurse started locking the room where I used to pray. Could you imagine? My friends, my fellowmen who should support me when I needed were giving me a hard time just because of religion. I did not give up; I showed them that I am sincere in my religion. I know that Allah Almighty guided me and what I am doing is the right thing.

Because of him

The bottom-line of my story is that had it not been for my husband, I could have lived a different life. Perhaps I would have been in the showbiz. While I believed in Al-Qadar or predestination – that everything in a person is written by Allah in the Preserved Tablet and nothing happens without the will of Allah, the man is given the freedom of choice. We are given the free will. It is my destiny that I became a Muslim. After 4 years of being married to a Muslim man, I made a choice.

For those who are Muslims since their childhood, you are fortunate to have followed Islam from your parents, be grateful to them they raised you as such. May the blessings of God will always be with you and your children, and your children’s children. And hoping that your coming generations will not deviate from Islam.

For those who have just reverted or converted to Islam, As a new Muslim like you, I cannot help but recall how Allah had guided my life. But for me, no regrets, I have to be thankful instead to God for the guidance. – Ayesha Jannah Hessah

God has the reason

If there’s something I regret in my life this time, how I wish, for a long time, I become a Muslim, by then, I was not able to hurt the feelings of a lot of people, especially my parents. I thank Allah for holding my hands to come to Him even though, I feel Islam do not deserve me because I am a bad person.

We are all considered as pilgrims in this world. We were given our choices to choose, which roads to take, which way to walk. And whatever we choose; we are responsible to bear all the consequences. The things that are happening in our lives are sometimes hard to understand and explain, the people we meet, we don’t know why we have to meet them… and finally, time will come to our lives, we will realize, God has the reason.

In this world, you have multiple choices: good, better, best, moderate, bad, worse, worst. But in the afterlife, there will be only two options: extremism on both sides, i.e. best (Paradise) and worst (Hellfire). And your place in the next life is based according to this worldly life. The decision is yours. Take your pick before it’s too late!

The difference

Reverts talking about the difference between the two religions…

  • Senseless to sensible: Along with others, I stayed in our agency’s accommodation while waiting my turn for departure for an overseas job. Preachers from both sides (Islam and Christianity) are regularly coming to give enlightenment about religion. As a Christian, I went to listen to the Christian’s lecture but I somehow overheard the lecture given by the Muslim preacher. Hmmmm! What that preacher was telling makes sense while the other one carries no weight, it was senseless. And that’s the beginning of my search for the truth… and found out that ISLAM is a religion of logic.
  • A church and a mosque: A Christian and a Muslim befriended me, around the same time during one of my weekly off days. My Christian friend told that they give special attention to new people coming to their group who are active in helping emotionally and financially. On the other hand, my Muslim friend also welcomed me in their group and told me that they will take me inside the Masjid in the near future. Out of curiosity, I surfed the internet to know what it is like inside… and I found out the big difference between a church and a Masjid (mosque). And from this point, I researched about Islam to search the TRUTH and researched even more… and here I am now, a Muslimah. Alhamdulillah!