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The best knowledge

Please read Know your creator first…

Knowing about Allah  is the best knowledge

Knowledge about Allah is the origin and basis of every other type of knowledge. By knowing Him, all the other types will be known.

It is equally important to be educated in any field of sciences such as arts, physics, chemistry, math, medicine, physiology but this kind of knowledge has something to do with the creation and beneficial in this life only. The highest form of knowledge is the knowledge of the religion… about our Creator, His Essence, His Beautiful Names, His Perfect Attributes, His Divine Acts, the laws, prohibitions, etc.

The path to this knowledge is through studying the holy Qur’an and the Sunnah. The Prophet ﷺ said: “Seeking knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim man and every Muslim woman.” [Ibn Majah]

Islam stresses the importance of knowledge and how it makes a difference in people’s lives. Allah ﷻ says: “Are they equal, those who know and those who know not?” [Fussilat 41:9]

If you know Him, you will love Him

Al-Qabid, Al-Basit

القابض The Constrictor
الباسط The Expander

These two names should be mentioned together because perfection in either of them requires the presence of the other. He is the One who limits or reduces the sustenance of some humans, while granting others ample provision in accordance with His wisdom and mercy. It is not a matter of good or bad luck or blind destiny; it is part of God’s deliberate plan in order to extract from human beings the highest moral characteristics possible.

We all go through periods of unimaginable exhilaration and happiness alternated by periods of hopelessness and heartbreaks. However, we often find ourselves completely dejected and hopeless when a small/big calamity strikes us and tend to forget Allah during times of ease. Allah is Al-Qabid and Al-Basit. What does that mean? It means He withholds when He feels it is right and gives you when He feels it is right. Therefore, when you are going through periods of extreme pain and constriction, remind yourself of Al-Basit, the One who can expand things for you and make it light. This name reminds us that indeed, with every hardship you face, there will be ease, it is around the corner. The night doesn’t last forever; the break of dawn is always near. The darkness of your worries are not meant to last forever either because this Dunya is designed to test you, not to break you.

[Dr. Bilal Philips/IOU]


  1. Ariticle: The Beautiful Names of Allah (Al-Qabid, Al-Basit) by Dr. Ratib An-Nabulsi
  2. Article: With the Divine: Part 11 (Al-Qabid, Al-Basit) by Jinan Yousef


الحليم The Forbearing One

He is the One who showers His creation with apparent and hidden blessings, in spite of their sins and many mistakes. He is forbearing and does not punish sinners immediately for their sins. He rebukes them so that they will repent, and gives them time to turn to Him in repentance. He said, “If Allah were to punish humans for what they did, He would not leave a single creature on the face of the earth.” [Fatir 35:45]

Allah, Al-Halim, puts up with all your sins and continues to love and forgive you because He is the Forbearing One. He wants you to turn to Him, to repent sincerely if you’ve sinned even if you’ve sinned repeatedly. He’s there to erase your bad deeds and replace them with good deeds. But man is too busy either drowning in regret, sorrows or worries or is too concerned about this Dunya to even think about Allah! It doesn’t matter how far away from Allah and Islam you’ve been, if you are reading this, it means Allah wants you back, He wants you to be a good slave of His so He can bless you more. So what are you waiting for? Rectify your affairs, repent and take small baby steps towards Him. He appreciates it all! And His blessings are beyond what you can imagine!

[Dr. Bilal Philips/IOU]


  1. Video: The Beautiful names of Allah (Al-Halim, As-Sabur) by Shaykh Fadel Soliman.
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الحكيم The All-Wise

He is the One who has ultimate wisdom, in His creation and in His commands. He is the One who created everything well. He does not create anything in vain, or legislate anything in jest. He is the One who has dominion in this world and the next.

Take a moment to reflect deeply on your life. You never understood why certain events occurred, but perhaps when you think about it at a later stage; you eventually realized that there was Khayr in it. This is the wisdom of Allah, Al-Hakim. It maybe that you like something, but it is bad for you and that which you don’t like is good for you, but it is Allah who is aware of everything. Learn to let go and place your unwavering trust in Allah. Realize that what Allah does for you is always the best, because He is the possessor of ultimate wisdom. Learn to trust Him and place your affairs in Him blindly. Because, “Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.” [Al-Mumtahanan 60:10]

[Dr. Bilal Philips/IOU]


  1. Video: The Beautiful names of Allah (Al-Hakam, Al-Adl) by Shaykh Fadel Soliman
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  3. Article: The Beautiful Names of Allah (Al-Hakim) by Dr. Ratib An-Nabulsi
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المحيط The Encompasser

He is the One who encompasses all things with His knowledge, power, mercy and dominion. Nothing is concealed from Him and nothing escapes Him. This attribute reassures the believers of Allah’s absolute control over everything in existence. Consequently, they need not worry about the unknown and the unseen as people of weak faith do. Everything is known and all things are seen and recorded. To further heighten the consciousness of our being observed, Allah informed us about the recording angels on the right and the left, keeping a detailed record of everything.

He knows the intentions in your heart even when others doubted you. He knows the silent Dua you did for a stranger or the grief and regret that filled your heart when you sinned. Therefore, follow up a bad deed with a good deed. Don’t worry about what the future would hold because your future is in Allah’s hands and He will not let you battle this Dunya all by yourself, He is there to guide you and make your path easy, but only if you turn to Him and seek His help. When you are in a difficult position or situation, does your first step involve complaining about your fears to the people around you or do you raise your hands in Dua and beg Allah to ease things for you? Assess yourself.

[Dr. Bilal Philips/IOU]


  1. Audio: Explaining the Names of Allah by Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi (Abu Ubeidah Al Maqdisi): Part 75 (Al-Muhit)


السميع The All-Hearing

He hears all our prayers and needs no intermediary to carry our prayers to Him. Allah said, “Call on Me and I will answer you.” [Ghafir 40:60]. To call in others in prayer (whether prophets, angels or the righteous) besides Him or along with Him is an insult to this divine attribute and an act of Shirk.

Wondering what’s happening to all your Duas? Wondering why you don’t see ease even after calling out to Him? Well, it’s time to remind yourself of As-Sami, the One who is the All-Hearing. He hears your intense supplications and your muffled whispers filled with tears. While calling out to Him, utilize this name of His just as Prophet Ibrahim did while raising the foundations of the House with his son (Prophet Ismail), “Our Lord, accept [this] from us. Indeed You are the Hearing, the Knowing.” [Al-Baqarah 2:127], just as Prophet Zakariya did while pleading to Allah for an offspring when he finished his Dua with, “Indeed, You are the Hearer of supplication.” [Ali Imran 3:38]. Invoke Allah, As-Sami every time you make Dua. Remind yourself that He hears everything that comes out of your mouth and the whispers of your soul, so indulge in beneficial speech, keep your tongue moist with His remembrance, speak nothing but the best and safeguard your tongue from vain talk, backbite or gossip, for He Hears it all. And for every word someone else uttered that hurt you, remind yourself that Allah, As-Sami heard it too, you will be recompensed!

[Dr. Bilal Philips/IOU]


  1. Video: The Beautiful names of Allah (As-Sami, Al-Basir) by Shaykh Fadel Soliman
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  3. Article: With the Divine: Part 52 (As-Sami, Al-Basir) by Jinan Yousef


الودود The Loving

He is the one whose love is manifest in the host of seen and unseen bounties and blessings He has bestowed on His creatures, both in themselves and in the world around them. He elevated humans over all creation and created them in the best possible form. Due to His love for humans, He sent them prophets and books even after giving them a consciousness of right and wrong. Furthermore, He give humans who have gone astray the opportunity to repent and be forgiven time and time again. Human beings are also expected to display similar love. The Prophet has instructed his followers to marry wives who are fertile and loving as this quality is essential for a successful marriage.

Wadud is an intense form of love and is expressed in conduct and actions. Allah, Al Wadud is One who loves His slaves with such intensity that it’s constant and lasting! We often associate the word “love” with fellow human beings but how often have you asked yourself how much you love Allah? All of us say Allah is the most beloved to us but if that was true, then ask yourself, how often did you remember Him today, was Allah the last One you thought off before going to sleep, was Allah the first One you remembered when you woke up, do you do extra deeds just so Allah can be pleased with you? Living by Allah’s name Al-Wadud is easy. Ask Him to fill your heart with His love and remove the love of anything that will distance you away from His love.

[Dr. Bilal Philips/IOU]


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