Dear Mothers,

When the days and nights pass too quickly; and the daily routines mount one after the other; and the calls for your help from hallways and stairways, bathrooms and kitchens, and driveways and backyards echo throughout the house; and the cracked egg shells and spotted banana peels mound your garbage bins; and the stacks of unopened mail line your counters; and the dishes take up permanent residence in the sink; and the baskets of laundry that remain unwashed or unfolded continue to grow; and the notifications from WhatsApp and Messenger flood your phone like sirens calling you in the distance; and the silent taunts from frames of wedding memories and family portraits hanging on the walls throughout the house fill you with deep sadness; and the mirror in the bathroom reveals lines in your face you’ve never seen before and can’t bear to accept; and your bones begin to creak and crack in a familiar and oddly satisfying pattern with every bow and prostration in your prayer; and no matter how many appointments you make, how many to-do lists you successfully cross out, and how many reminders you set, that nagging whisper that relentlessly fills you with inadequacy, failure, and loss for all that was and all that you were (or could have been) persists to ring inside your ears…know right then and there that everything you are, everything you’ve done, every fear you’ve ever had but pushed through because you had to, every dream you’ve had to put aside or forget, every thankless task you’ve ever done for someone else, every tear you’ve ever shed with others or in private, and every sacrifice big or small you’ve ever made is absolutely, unequivocally accounted for by your Lord and He forgets NOTHING!

The self-doubt that fills you is a reflection not of your worth as you may think, but of your sincerity, humility, and desire to always be better and do better, and a proof of the immeasurable force and strength of your will, and a confirmation of the honor your Lord has bestowed upon your body, your mind, your spirit and your soul by giving you the high and formidable station of MOTHERHOOD.

So my dear sister, do NOT pay any attention to the baseless whispers, for they are small because they emanate from the smallest of places. Think, who stands to benefit from infiltrating the heart of every family and destroying it from within? Who stands to benefit from toppling down the GIANT soul that every selfless devoted mother possesses? Only the greatest coward in pursuit of someone POWERFUL & STRONG that intimidates him and he sees as a threat!

So, do NOT fall to despair! You are ENOUGH, you are WORTHY, and even when you think you’re failing, you are SUCCEEDING in ways you will never know. Can you imagine where the world would be without the unconditional and unwavering love of every mother like you?!

Motherhood is the radiant crown of this world and you are one among many other jewels banded together and raised up high by your Lord! Hold your head up, count your every blessing, and know with certainty that as long as you remain devoted and dutiful to your Lord, He is with you and will reward you for your every single effort AND your every intention to do more even if you can’t!


My brother’s invitation

My husband abandoned me and my two children, with no means of support. It seems the world is on me and always thought of committing suicide. I went for overseas job a number of times… Alhamdulillah, my children finished their studies against all odds.

At the later part of 70’s, my brother worked in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) for 6 years and he converted to Islam. He came home and his whole family was guided through him. My brother used to tell me about his new-found religion. I know that there is only one God but I don’t know who Allah is. I thought that it is very hard to become a Muslim… covering my head, wearing full sleeves, praying 5 times a day and so on and so forth. But my brother never gave up inviting me to the Straight Path… and so to make the story short… I became a Muslim… to add to that… my younger sister also became one. Alhamdulillah!

Save yourself and your family.

Before you give your heart

My dear sisters, I have something important to share with you.

See, we as women, we love words. We can’t help it. But, with that love comes a weakness. A weakness for the power of words. Use the right combination of words, and it’s easy to have us charmed. But let me tell you something important. Not all words are the same. And not all people have the same respect for words. Some use words with no meaning behind them. Only empty shells. Like a lifeless body with no soul. See, words can lie. They can be meaningless. But I will tell you what cannot lie and cannot be meaningless: Action.

My sisters, before you give your heart away, watch for action. Only action will tell the whole truth. Every. Single. Time.

Yasmin Mogahed


  1. A man that can not provide for you.
  2. A man that is not Muslim.
  3. A man that does not pray.
  4. A man that is not capable of loving you.
  5. A man that is not a man.
  6. A man whose character and deen do not please you.
  7. A man who does not love you for the sake of Allah, rather loves to show you off and for you to reveal your beauty to other men.