Ask yourself!

“What have I done so far in my life?”

You might say, “Enjoy life! I’m still young. I’ll take life seriously when I get old.” Now you are almost half a century on earth. You noticed many things have changed in you. You became weaker, you became sickly, and your youth is no more … So what now? Did it not come in your mind that death will come to anyone, anywhere, anytime, anyhow? If you believe that there is an eternal life after this material world … then act now before death strikes you. Hurry! There’s not much time.

Now I ask you, my fellow human, “Are you ready to go to the next life?” If your answer is “Yes,” then this is my follow-up question: “Did you plant the right seeds?” If your answer is “No,” you just wasted your time to trivial things that do not benefit you. The seeds you planted are fruitless because they are wrong seeds. All I can do for you is to remind you…. WAKE UP before it is too late. Find the greatest treasure … find your Lord, your God, your Creator …THE ONLY ONE TRUE GOD WORTHY OF WORSHIP.

So what should you do?

Open your heart… open your mind… without prejudice… only then you can start looking for the greatest treasure. Keep looking … and you will find Him, He is waiting for you … it is just a matter of time, for YOU to be guided … the decision is yours.

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