The easy way

You already started your journey … but hold on a second! Let me ask you another question. “What is the shortest way from your point of origin to your point of destination?” Which one do you think will get you faster to the end of your journey, the straight way or the zigzag one, which is the long and winding road? Obviously, you will choose the shorter, easier and faster – THE STRAIGHT WAY. Then you can go on with your next step… forward… straight. No one will ever take a difficult road; everyone wants to take a shortcut; everyone takes the easiest and fastest way in almost everything.

So how is your journey? If you didn’t take any left or right directions, no diversions, surely this time you have gone further and farther. YOUR POINT OF ORIGIN? – n that’s when you came into this world… with absolutely nothing… you were naked, barefooted, alone, helpless, crying. YOUR POINT OF DESTINATION? – you are going back to where you belong… with absolutely nothing, also naked, barefooted, alone. No one will help you… your fame, riches, connections has no more effect. CRYING? That depends on how you spent your life in this material world. If you have the correct belief and good deeds done according to His law… then pray that He will accept it and hope that you will be all-smiles that day. Either you like it or not, you will eventually meet Him. Who? The One who created everything and owns everything… God Almighty!

What if someone gave you something without even asking for it, even gives more and does not expect anything in return … naturally you will be forever thankful to him, praise him, admire him, honor him … even worship him.

If you are one of those who answered correctly, then you can take your next step forward.

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